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Molyneux says "platforms" in relation to Fable III, job listing says PC


Yeah. This probably isn't so subtle. If Fable III's coming to another platform, and Lionhead's owned by Microsoft, and it's already on 360, and there's a Lionhead job listing that blatantly says there's going to be cross-platform play between a 360 and PC version, that probably means there's going to be a PC version. Right?

Peter Molyneux dropped a pigeon-toed hint at GDC yesterday that there's going to be a PC version of Fable III, telling Gamespot that there are still details on the game's "platforms" yet to be divulged.

"There are some things we haven't seen. We still haven't talked to the world about Natal. We still haven't talked to the world about co-op and what we're doing with co-op... We still haven't really talked about, 'Are there any other platforms for Fable that we should be talking about now?'"

Watch the video below from 4.23.

His comment comes in the wake of a hastily edited job posting yesterday (as seen on Blue's News) that ""involves converting and maintaining the network code of the Xbox 360 version of this game to the PC, and enabling the Xbox 360 version and the PC version to play together."

Like, dur.

Molyneux dropped a fair amount of new stuff on the game in his GDC session yesterday, including confirmation that John Cleese is to voice the butler, it'll have Twitter support and more.

You can watch a video of it running off-screen here.

The game's out towards the end of the year.

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