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MoH:Warfighter moves 300K, NBA 2K13 1.27M units in US

Resident Evil 6 sold 806,000 copies during October in the US, while Medal of Honor: Warfighter moved a little over 300,000, and Pokemon Black/White 2 moved 867,000 units combined.

The units sales for the month came from NPD figures, which were presented by analyst Doug Creutz, vice president of the Cowen Group.

Creutz paid special attention to Warfighter's sales, noting that while the 300,000 in sales were for one week only, he is "pessimistic” regarding future sales of the title and doesn't expect it to sell through 2 million units worldwide.

The analyst also noted that Skylanders Giants moved 269,000 units and the top earner for the month was NBA 2K13, which sold 1.27 million units.

Thanks, GI International.

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