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Moebius E3 trailer shows quintessential Jane Jensen intrigue

Jane Jensen's new adventure, Moebius, looks just as suspenseful and intricate as the lauded adventure creator's best work in this new trailer.

Jensen, the creator of Gabriel Knight and Gray Matter, turned to crowdfunding for her new studio, Pinkerton Road. Her crew is actually working on an unrevealed title for a publisher, so Phoenix Online was drafted to develop Moebius.

The third-person mystery has players in the role of Malachi Rector, who is asked to investigate a murder by a secretive government agency - which is a bit odd, as his natural talent is for antiquities. Things then go south in, hopefully, grand Jensen style.

Moebius is undated but headed to iPad, Linux, Mac and PC at some point. It's on show at E3 this week, in fact.

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