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Midway confirms 90 Austin lay-offs

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Update: There's more on this, including an email to employees from Booty, here.

Following a Kotaku rumour last night that Midway had laid off staff at its Austin outfit, the site's confirmed the move.

Midway has confirmed the cancellation of an "as-yet-unannounced" project - believed to be free-roaming action game Criminal - in Austin and is laying off 90 of 130 employees at the facility.

"While this was a very difficult decision, we feel it was the right thing to do for the future of Midway," said MIdway CEO, Matt Booty.

"We view every game as an investment that must meet certain standards for quality, scheduling, and profitability. Midway remains committed to producing the highest quality entertainment, as evidenced by our strong holiday line-up which includes TNA iMPACT!, Blitz: The League II, and Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe starring a team of MK characters and some of the most recognizable DC Comics personalities such as Batman, The Joker, and Superman.”

More through the link.

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