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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Denuvo protection cracked in a day

Middle-earth: Shadow of War has fallen in the group of games whose Denuvo protection gets cracked shortly after release.

The Denuvo anti-piracy protection is not completely useless, some games like last year's FIFA go months without getting cracked - Denuvo's protection is different for every game after all. However, In the case of Middle-earth: Shadow of War, it was done in less than a day.

DSO Gaming reported the news, which means it's only a matter of days before cracks start popping up. Shadow of War follows other big-budget titles that also had their Denuvo anti-tamper tech cracked so soon such as Total War: Warhammer 2, Sonic Mania, and others.

The idea behind using Denuvo is to prevent piracy in the crucial first few days. Even though no system is perfect, Denuvo's success with other high-profile games invited more and more publishers to use the tech in their games.


Shadow of War was only released on Tuesday, but if all the noise about loot boxes didn't affect your decisions to buy it, we have a nice little Shadow of War guide you may want to check out.

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