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Microsoft "proud" of Xbox One X price - "we did not build this to be a low price box"

Microsoft feels $499 is the right price for what's in an Xbox One X.

Xbox One X

Everyone waited with bated breath as head of Xbox Phil Spencer came on stage for seemingly one last time during the Xbox E3 briefing to announce the price of the Xbox One X.

Spencer dropped a bomb: the price would be $499. Though hardly surprising, given all the talk about how Xbox One X is the most powerful console, not to mention earlier predictions it would be more expensive than PS4 Pro, some still had hopes Microsoft would be going out of its way to compete with Sony on pricing.

But Microsoft isn't too fused about it being the most expensive console. Speaking on Geoff Keighley's Live at E3 show (via Polygon), head of Xbox marketing Aaron Greenberg said the company is "proud" of the pricing.

Keighley correctly pointed out that $499 is double the price of the Xbox One S. "We’re proud of the pricing," said Greenberg. "The fact is we designed this to be a premium product that has the most power, the most performance that has ever been seen, no compromises; true 4K gaming."

Greenberg went on to explain how Forza 7's stunning looks and 60fps gameplay required a lot of GPU power and memory, and retierated that Xbox One X is not designed as a "a low price box."

"We built this to be a premium product for people that want the very, very best console games they’ve ever seen."

Xbox One X is out November 7 worldwide.

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