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Media Molecule holding Tearaway-themed design contest in LittleBigPlanet

Today's PlayStation Store update brings some free Tearaway stuff for LittleBigPlanets 2 and Vita, but it's not all fun and games. The point of this package is to get you to build an LBP level in the Tearaway style and then upload it. If you make a level that is actually good, you might win a Vita.

The judges in this contest are not the community, fortunately, but the Media Molecule folks themselves, and whichever ones they deem the best of the US and Europe will earn the creators a Vita of the 3G variety (no games or memory cards, though). Four others will get some sweet artwork. The contest is for both US and Europe, each of which will be separate competitions, and will close on September 9 for the former and September 14 for the latter. For your level to count as a contest entry, you'll need to tag it with "TearawayCompetitionUS" or "TearawayCompetitionEU", depending on where you live. Have fun.

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