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Medal of Honor: Warfighter dev turned down consultancy from the man who shot Bin Laden

Medal of Honor: Warfighter was always billed as an authentic experience that tackled the trials and trauma of men at war. Why then did EA and Danger Close turn down advice and insight from the man who shot Bin Laden?

'The Shooter' as he is simply known for anonymity purposes has been interviewed by Esquire about his re-adjustment to normal life and his time in the services.

As of April 2012 the game was said to have enlisted the consultancy of some 30 military officials, so 'The Shooter's uncle contacted EA on his behalf, asking if they would like to hear from the man himself.

Allegedly, an EA representative told his uncle that while the game did use advice sourced from some retired military officials, they would rather hear from active SEALS members. As 'The Shooter' was retired at the time, they turned him down.

It's a tricky area, as who knows what sort of press or political backlash may have ensued if word got out that an FPS game was linked to the man who shot Bin Laden? It could have been positive, or it could have been very bad for EA.

Of course, we do know that seven active Navy SEALS were eventually reprimanded for sharing insider secrets with Danger Close and EA, so this was probably for the best.


Thanks Kotaku.

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