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Medal of Honor Warfighter: 7 Navy SEALS reprimanded for giving secrets to EA

Medal of Honor: Warfighter attempted to show the very real side of war, and the burden placed on every day men and women in combat. Perhaps the depiction was a little too real however, as seven US Navy SEALs have been disciplined for giving away military secrets to Danger Close and EA.

Polygon reports - by way of CBS - seven Navy SEALS have been punished and await further penalties from the military for acting as paid consultants to Danger Close, and for giving away classified information in the process, undermining the SEAL's so-called unwritten code that they be 'silent warriors'.

The accused are still working in active duty, and one of them has been confirmed as a member of the team that captured and killed Osama Bin Laden. SEAL Team Six has appeared in other media since the Bin Laden raid, including movies and of course Medal of Honor, and this wave of publicity has been approved by their commander Adm. William McRaven. So its unclear where the blame truly lies.

The reprimanded parties have had their chances of promotion revoked and lost half of their most recent pay, CBS adds.

What do you make of this issue? Was it inevitable given the scrutiny of the team, or should they have been smarter? Let us know below.

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