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McDonald’s offers up the McCrispy gaming chair, complete with fries holder and burger warmer

The final component for the perfect set-up… perhaps.

McDonald’s is certainly no stranger to wacky collaborations. We’ve seen the fast-food chain throw together themed meals for multiple stars, including the likes of BTS and Saweetie, and in recent times, Mcdonald’s even collaborated with Overwatch 2 to give away the Lightning Tracer Skin.

If your more of a Burger King fan... have you tried Modern Warfare 2 yet? It recently had its own fast food collab

It appears that McDonald’s has found a market of gamers that it’d like to tap into, and as a result, the McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair has been born. Now, I joke about McDonald’s appealing to gamers, because let’s be real, we’re all ordering from McDonald’s on a more regular basis than we’d often like as is.

Sometimes, you’re on a roll, and there’s just no time to stop and make food; you’ve more wins to secure. This is not only where McDonald’s comes in, but the McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair, too. The chair itself hosts a bunch of features to make your McDonald’s x Gaming experience perfect.

The McCrispy chair features a fries and dips holder, a drink holder, a hot box to keep your burger warm while you game, a built-in napkin holder with reusable napkins, stain-proof leather, and modular armrests.

Basically, if you’re someone who likes to regularly snack on fries or burgers while sitting at your desk, this chair was made with you in mind. It certainly makes worrying about your burger going cold, or fearing that barbecue sauce will stain your chair, a thing of the past.

Now, how do you get the chair? Well, don’t worry, as it won’t require you breaking the bank. In fact, there’s more of a chance that you won’t be able to get the chair, considering only four exist in the world.

That said, if you do want the McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair, you can try your chances at winning one. Mcdonald’s UK Facebook Page is currently hosting the giveaway in its pinned competition post. Entries close on 23:59 GMT of November 13. And as ever, you must be 18+ to enter.

Will you be trying your luck at winning the McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair? Good luck!

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