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Mass Effect: Andromeda video shows how to create profiles, slot favorites and command your squad

The second Mass Effect: Andromeda Gameplay Series video has dropped, and it provides information on profiles, favorites and squads.

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The previous Mass Effect: Andromeda video provided a look at weapons and skills. Since there isn't a class system in the game, all skills are available and can be upgraded with varied upgrade paths for playstyle customization.

There are over a dozen skills and 300 upgrades available available in the three main skill categories: Biotics, Combat and Tech. As skills are unlocked, the player will be able to access the seven types of profiles available. Two of these are explained in the video: Adept and Explorer.

For those more interested in Biotics, the Adept profile will provide more bonuses in that category to suit the player's style. These bonuses will provide more damage to the Biotics chosen as well as the duration of the skill. The more the player levels these skills the more powerful they become.

For those who prefer a mixture of skills, the Adept profile is a combination of the skills Biotics, Combat and Tech. It will provide various buff and perks for all abilities chosen.

As with the loadouts noted in the previous video, players are also able to swap between profiles at anytime. To make this easier, the player can map one of the profiles a Favorite. One slot will hold three skills and one profile. There are four slots available, which means players can map up to four profiles and 12 skills to Favorites.

Squads will come in handy during battle, and each of the six members have three active and two passive abilities. Cora, for example, uses Biotics as a support character in the video while Drack acts as bruiser soaking up damage. Members of the player's squad can also be leveled up.

Squad-mates can be ordered to various areas of the battlefield and given orders to defend, attack or rally. The player can also team up with them to use power combos which activate when a squad member to the player primes one or a group of enemies. This sets up the kill, allowing the player or a squad member to "detonate and finish the job."

Alex recently spent some time with Mass Effect: Andromeda, and seemed rather pleased with what he was able to play. The video you see in his hands-on preview is the same as the one above, only without commentary. Basically, B-roll footage.

He also had a chat with the game's producer, Fabrice Condominas. You should really give that a read, as it's rather interesting.

We'll have more on Mass Effect: Andromeda as it gets closer to release on March 21 in North America and March 23 in Europe.

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