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Mass Effect: Andromeda patch 1.05 makes noticeable improvements to character faces, eyes - here's some before and after shots

Characters in Mass Effect: Andromeda look much better once today's patch has been applied, as you will soon see.


The images and videos posted below take a look at characters in Mass Effect: Andromeda pre and post patch. In many cases, you can also see a rather obvious changes in the faces, not just the eyes.

One of the biggest changes we've noticed so far is how Addison looks. Not only are her eyes less porcelain doll-like, but she also seems to have learned how to apply make-up properly. No longer does she slap it on like a five year old playing with Mommy's cosmetics. That was mean, sorry Addison.

Even Suvi looks less glassy-eyed, as you can see in the image from jizabo below.


Here's an even better shot of Addison before and after the patch from reddit user Tripod1404:


Push Square also posted a video taking a before and after look at Addison, Cora and Suvi:

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YouTube user Tommy also posted a comparison video of his Ryder as she wakes up from cryogenic slumber. There's a big difference there too:

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Finally, OneShortGamer provides a look at Asari characters Peebee and Lexi, along with another round for Cora. The video shows various conversations and dialogue options, and since I haven't played the game yet, I'm not sure how spolierish it may be. Just something to keep in mind before pushing play.

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If you look over the patch notes posted yesterday, you'll find more information on additional inventory space, the ability to skip the autopilot sequences, fixes to Ryder’s movements when running in a zig zag pattern, and more.

Bioware said it has more updates planned fro Mass Effect: Andromeda over the next two months.

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