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Mass Effect Andromeda guide: A Trail of Hope - Havarl, Voeld, the Moshae and the fate of the exaltation facility

Meet the Angara - and prove yourself to them by staging a daring rescue. Hell, resolve all their problems while you're doing chores.


After activating the vault on Eos and founding your first outpost, forget all about Eos and continue with the main storyline. Not only is side content more efficiently pursued later on, but Eos itself becomes a lot more fun after you advance the story a little, allowing the radiation to clear.

Our next stop in the Heleus Cluster is not actually where we intended to end up, but that's okay - we make some new friends and open up stacks of new things to see and do on the way.

Mass Effect Andromeda really embraces the non-linear thing here, so rather than guide you through everything moment by moment, we're going to give you a checklist of everything you should see and do as you make your own way through this segment of the game.

The critical mission path is heating up, but this latest quest is a multi-stage, multi-planet doozy. Before you dive into it, we recommend checking back in with your squadmates on the Tempest as well as taking a tour of the Nexus. In both places you'll find new side content, new conversations and new side quests that can be triggered. It's also a great chance to offload any junk in your inventory in exchange for credits that you can use to pick up consumables and new gear. Shops on the Nexus also change their stock up in tune with your main story mission progress, so you might find new, better stuff there now. It's a good idea to do this between each of the major priority ops, although we recommend not pursuing and but local side quests just yet; you can save a lot of bracktracking by knocking all of these over towards the end of the game.

Shortly after beginning A Trail of Hope you'll unlock many new systems to explore on the Galaxy Map view. Be sure to check in with each, scanning each system in full, if you're aiming for full completion.

A Trail of Hope has an unusual structure. Shortly after making first contact with the Angara you'll be given two main quests, Helping Havarl's Scientists and Meet the Resistance. You only have to do one of these to gain the trust of the Angara and fulfil the mission's primary objective, but you can do both if you like, and the suggested mission flow below reflects this.

A large number of secondary quests are available during A Trail of Hope, and we've listed them all by location below. It's an exhaustive, long list, but it's worth noting that some sidequests on both Hvarl and Voeld won't become available until you have spoken to Addison on the vidcon in the Tempest after completing one or both of the two Angara trust missions that Efvra and Jaal give you. Making this call does not close off any mission threads, so we suggest getting that out of the way as soon as possible to open yourself up to as many quests as possible.


A Trail of Hope objectives and suggested missions flow

This is our suggested path through A Trail of Hope. It includes multiple optional tips to go around hoovering up side quests after specific milestones, and should allow you to get absolutely everything available done before you proceed to the fourth priority op.

As discussed above, this quest branches and you can complete either of two quests to gain the trust of the Angara, or go for them both. Our suggested path takes in both, which means you get to visit two new planets rather than just one. In a game all about exploration that seems like the right choice, we reckon.

In either case, the mission joins back together after you contact Evfra for the second time and begin a mission to rescue the Moshae. Feel free to do just one objective and crack on with the main quest if you prefer.

  • Optional: visit the Nexus, Hyperion and Tempest to update conversations and side quests
  • Travel to the Onaon system and land on Aya
  • Meet with Evfra
  • Optional: Collect Aya sidequests (see list below)
  • Complete Helping Havarl’s Scientists
    • Travel to Havarl
    • Speak to Kiiran Dals
    • Solve the monolith to free the Angaran prisoners
    • Return to Kiiran Dals
  • Optional: collect Havarl side quests (see list below)
  • Return to the Tempest and speak with Addison on the vidcon
  • Complete the Meet the Resistance mission chain
    • Travel to Voeld
    • Follow the heat lamps to the rebel camp
    • Speak to Anjik Do Xeel and Beniska to begin Eyes on the Ground/On the Frontlines
    • Place a forward station and summon the Nomad, then follow the paths to Hjara Station
    • Speak to Skeot to begin Stage a Rescue
    • Travel to the Kett base to rescue Nilij
  • Meet with Evfra at Resistance HQ
  • Optional: collect Voeld side quests (see list below)
  • Optional: visit the Nexus, Hyperion and Tempest to update conversations and side quests
  • Optional: scan all new planets and systems
  • Talk to Commander Heckt at the docks on Aya
  • Rescue the Moshae
    • Infiltrate the Kett Base
    • Speak to Commander Heckt
    • Fight through the Kett base
    • Scan the stasis pods
    • Use the console
    • Fight through the Kett
    • Speak to Jaal
    • Defeat the Cardinal
    • Speak to the Moshae [decision point]
    • Protect the Moshae
    • Board the shuttle
  • Optional: visit the Nexus, Hyperion and Tempest to update conversations and side quests
  • Return to Aya
  • Optional: collect Aya sidequests (see list below)
  • Meet with the Moshae and Evfra at Resistence HQ


A Trail of Hope Boss: Defeating the Cardinal

Towards the end of the 'A Trail of Hope' mission to rescue the Moshae you'll face off against the Cardinal - a new enemy type that you're going to meet a few times during your adventure. This is a tougher and more resilient class of Kett who ominously floats off the ground and has an orb that protects him.

In order to take down the Cardinal you need to attack the orb that floats around him; when it explodes, the cardinal himself will be vulnerable. That's the time to pile on the damage. Because the orb floats around in and out of your line of fire area of effect attacks such as singularity or flamethrower are particularly useful here.

The orb will eventually regenerate, so you'll want to lay on as much damage as you can while the Cardinal is exposed. To this end be sure to equip some good consumable ammo such as inferno or cryo ammo to up the damage dealt in a short degree of time and direct your squadmates to attack directly.

The Cardinal spawns with a number of allies, but it's best to take them down first and focus on the Cardinal last. If you see the cardinal charging up a large ball of orange energy be ready to use your boost jets to dodge out of the way - even cover won't save you from this shield-busting attack.

Vanguards and other in-your-face players should beware of the Cardinal's grab attack; it's an instant-kill unless a squadmate manages a powerful enough attack to interrupt it, and that's ... unlikely.

A Trail of Hope story branch: Save the Angara or Destroy the Facility

At the end of the mission to rescue the Moshae you'll get a major choice: you can either destroy the exultation facility or leave it standing and give the Cardinal, the character who runs it, a chance. This is a gut-wrenching, no-win decision - leaving the facility standing means there's a chance it could be used again, but destroying it dooms many Angara to death.

Destroying it will kill many Angara currently scheduled for exultation, but the Moshae, whose help you require, begs you to destroy it nevertheless. Jaal is less keen on the idea of the facility's destruction. Thus this choice branches the story somewhat:

  • If you destroy the facility, the Angara will die but the Moshae will be happiest with you. She'll thank you, and be more forthcoming with her help - though you'll get her help either way. Jaal will initially be upset but also will come to understand - this doesn't damage your relationship (or friendship) chances with him.
  • If you allow the facility to stay standing the Moshae will be angry and the facility survives. In return you get some additional support from the Angaran Resistance during a late-game mission thanks to the fact you rescue their people from the facility by saving it, but who knows if the act of leaving the facility standing will have repercussions in a future game.


Aya secondary quests

The following sidequests become available on Aya during A Trail of Hope, after you speak with Evfra for the first time, or upon your return after rescuing the Moshae. Pick them up as you go, but don't feel obliged to do these now; as ever, we recommend saving side content for close to endgame to save time running back and forth.

  • Trading Favors
    Speak to Sohkaa Esof at the docks on Aya on your first visit.
  • Recovering the Past
    Speak to Avela Kjar at the docks on Aya on your first visit. This can lead to a romance subplot with Avela.
  • Task: Laws and Customs
    Speak to any of the Arbiters while exploring Aya after rescuing the Moshae.
  • Task: Local Cuisine
    Scan any fruit you see in Aya after rescuing the Moshae.
  • Task: Messages to the Nexus
    Speak to the staff in the Governor's office after rescuing the Moshae.
  • Task: Test Subject
    Walk through the markets of Aya until your are notified that you are being scanned after rescuing the Moshae.
  • Liam Kosta: Day Out on Aya
    Speak to Liam on the Tempest after rescuing the Moshae and viewing the Aya Vault scene.
  • Forgotten History
    Speak to Avela Kjar at the museum after completing Recovering the Past and rescuing the Moshae.


Hvarl secondary quests

The following sidequests are available on Hvarl during A Trail of Hope. Many sidequests branch from or are dependent on A Dying Planet, Hvarl's major secondary quest. Pick them up as you go, but don't feel obliged to do these now; as ever, we recommend saving side content for close to endgame to save time running back and forth.

  • A Dying Planet
    Speak to Kiiran Dals in the research station near the spawn point.
  • A Lost Sister
    Speak to Sage Amurd at the top of Mithrava during A Dying Planet.
  • Unearthed
    Speak to Fleera at the top of Mithrava during A Dying Planet.
  • Task: Roekaar Manifestos
    Collect the datapad at the camp across the bridge, which becomes available partway through A Dying Planet.
  • Overgrown
    Speak to Dr. Tassana Rilar at the research station near the spawn point after completing A Dying Planet.
  • Cross-Cultural Alliances
    Check your email after completing A Dying Planet.
  • Forgotten Stars
    Speak to Raashel Vier in the research station near the spawn point.
  • Turian Ark: Not Dead Yet
    Speak to Kiiran Dals in the research station near the spawn point, after completing Helping Havarl's Scientists - or simply find the encmapment.
  • Task: Turian Salvage
    Speak to Drusa after completing both Helping Havarl's Scientists and Turian Ark: Not Dead Yet.


Voeld secondary quests

The following sidequests are available on Voeld during A Trail of Hope. Pick them up as you go, but don't feel obliged to do these now; as ever, we recommend saving side content for close to endgame to save time running back and forth.

  • Intercepted
    Access a terminal at the Resistance Base.
  • Medical Caches
    Speak to Dr Harihn at the Resistance Base.
  • Task: Nomad Shield Crafting
    Talk to the mechanic at the Resistance Base.
  • The Lost Scout
    Talk to Haana at the Resistance Base.
  • Reformation
    Speak to the Angaran Priestess at the Resistance base.
  • Meet The Family
    Unlocks after completion of Stage a Rescue.
  • Remove the Heart
    Unlocks after completion of Meet the Family.
  • Uncovering the Past
    Unlocks after completion of Remove the Hearts.
  • Frequency
    Find a strange meteorite, or speak to the irritated researcher at Hjara station.
  • Brought to Light
    Speak to Rjoek in Techiix.
  • Fact or Fiction
    Speak to Ari Vesjek at Techiix, or access a console in the Kett base.
  • Bridge Sabotage
    Locate the broken bridge southwest of Techiix.
  • The Lost Song
    Speak to the biologist standing on the lake outside Techiix.
  • White Death
    Look for a lone sniper outside Techiix.
  • Restoring a World
    Reactivate a monolith on Voeld.
  • Missing Science Crew
    Speak to Priya Blake after placing an outpost on Voeld.
  • End of Watch
    Find one of three datapads at battle sites around Voeld.
  • Subjugation
    Destroy a Kett device in a random encounter.
  • Task: Catch and Release
    Scan an Angaran corpse in a random encounter.
  • Task: Clearing the Air
    Hack a Kett terminal in a random encounter.
  • Task: Gone Dark
    Scan an Angaran console in a random encounter.
  • The Vanished
    Search for an audio recording in a cave in the north of the map.

Crew and loyalty missions

The following side quests become available once you begin A Trail of Hope, or at various milestones throughout. Check in regularly at your email terminal, as well as in conversations on the Nexus, Hyperion and Tempest, to ensure you get them all. Pick them up as you go, but don't feel obliged to do these now; as ever, we recommend saving side content for close to endgame to save time running back and forth.

  • Nakmor Drack: Krogan Betrayal
    Speak to Drack on the Tempest.
  • Cora Harper: Asari Ark
    Read an email from Cora and speak to her on the Tempest, after landing on Aya. Completion of this mission is vital to getting the game's best ending.
  • Liam Kosta: Armor Diplomacy
    Visit Aya, exhaust Liam's dialogue on the Tempest, exit the Tempest and return to speak to Liam again.
  • Jaal Ama Darva: Friend or Foe?
    Speak to Jaal after you chat with Evfra via Vidcon.
  • Peebee: Secret Project
    Check your email.
  • Gill Brodie:A Game of Poker
    Check your email.
  • Excess Baggage
    Exhaust Suvi's dialogue, after landing on Aya.
  • Know your Enemy
    Read your email, after speaking with Evfra.
  • Movie Night: Getting started
    Exhaust all Liam's dialogue after landing on Aya, then speak to him again.

With Trail of Hope behind you and a stack of sidequests in your journal, it's off to the next major multi-stage mission - Hunting the Archon.

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