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Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC dated, detailed & priced

Mass Effect 3: Omega is set to be one of the biggest expansions in BioWare's galaxy-hopping franchise. The studio has dated and priced the Xbox 360 timed-exclusive content. Get all the details below.

CVG reports that Mass Effect 3: Oega will launch on November 27th on Xbox 360, priced at 1200 MS Points.

The DLC takes players back to floating asteroid colony Omega, and - according to CVG - places them in control of gangster Aria as she fights to rid the station of Cerberus forces. BioWare has stated below that the DLC is the biggest expansion in the series to date. It will also feature a friendly female Turian NPC who fights alongside Aria.

Here's a video interview on Omega from New York Comic-Con, courtesy of YouTube user BeautyFashionSense.

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