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Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection is getting both a digital and physical release on the PS4 and Switch, but nothing on Xbox

Great news for MvC players, but Xbox folks are left out in the dark.

Marvel vs Capcom fighting collection art
Image credit: Capcom

Marvel vs Capcom Fighting Collection - one of the games announced at yesterday's Nintendo Direct - is getting a physical version on the Nintendo Switch as well as PlayStation 4. However, bad news Xbox fans, there's no planned released for any Xbox console, including the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. It is also coming to PC via Steam, of course.

This information was first brought to light after folks payed attention to the official press release that came out alongside the reveal, which stated the game would be have "digital and physical versions for PlayStation 4". This led to some confusion, as some were worried a physical version wouldn't be coming to the Switch, but thanks to Ethan Gach from Kotaku this has been clarified by Capcom.

"Capcom PR just confirmed to me that Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection will get a physical release on Switch as well as PS4." Gach posted on Twitter, clearing up any confusion. There was of course no further word on Xbox versions at all - so again - back luck Xbox heads.

This is obviously great news for PlayStation owners, but also fighting game diehards who have historically used PlayStations in competitive settings. While PCs are commonly used as personal equipment, the PlayStation 4 has been a long-lasting companion to worldwide scenes, so being able to grab the game for this system will prove mighty handy for the most dedicated Marvel vs Capcom fans.

Will you be grabbing this game digitally, or in physical form? Let us know below!

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