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Marvel Universe Online has "a great answer" to the superhero question

Secret Identity does have an answer for the old "how the heck can we all play as Spider-Man?" question Marvel Universe has raised, but it's not saying what it is.

"I have such a great answer that I cannot give you right now," studio director Jeff Lind told Gamasutra when asked about the multiple Spider-Man issue.

"I have described this game to our execs and our investors and our partners like Marvel, and this is absolutely the first question I get every time. I think we have a nice answer to it, and is nothing I can talk about right now, but I can totally understand why you're talking about that."

Lind seemed to feel that the Gazillion-owned studio's approach might break established MMO framework, but is the only way to handle the Marvel universe.

"You shall play as the Marvel heroes. There is a story in this game, we've hired a known writer and this game is free-to-play. I think none of those things were what people were expecting for this game.

"... Honestly, I wouldn't say we are trying to shake up the way that people approach MMOs. I think we're trying to do service to the Marvel universe. I think this is the right way to do Marvel. I think having a story and playing as these characters is the right way to handle Marvel," he said.

The recently detailed Marvel Universe allows players to take control of Marvel's characters, rather than their own unique avatars as in rival DC universe Online.

Thanks, Siliconera.

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