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Mario & Luigi Brothership finally brings the brothers back together - coming November 7, 2024

Shown off first at the Nintendo Direct, the brothers are back in style.

Mario & Luigi Brotherhood image
Image credit: Nintendo

Mario & Luigi Brotherhood has just been announced during the Nintendo Direct. An RPG set in the Mario universe, you'll be able to take control of both the brothers yet again when the game launches on the Nintendo Switch on Nintendo 7, 2024.

This was announced via a gameplay trailer which you can watch yourself below. It kicked off the Nintendo Direct this time around, setting the tone for a reveal-packed show.

This marks the first entry in the Mario & Luigi series in over nine years, and will follow the pair's seafaring adventures across the world in a cute but distinct aesthetic that captures both the colour and tone of the series perfectly. The game even has "evolved bro moves" included, including one where the duo kick a shell to eachother before Mario punts a flaming shell shot. It looks pretty cool!

Let us know what you think of this new reveal below!

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