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Man of Medan Best Endings: How to save all characters, or kill them all off

It's going to be a long, stormy night for those aboard the Duke of Milan.

The Dark Pictures Anthology is full of gory twists and turns, and Man of Medan is no exception. The horror title plays out almost like an interactive movie, and it’s your responsibility to save the crew and keep everyone alive… or kill them off. The choice is entirely yours, and that’s the magic (but also the catch) of these games.

Man of Medan is the first game of eight in the Anthology, and takes place on a boat - Duke of Milan - in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. The four college students aboard and the captain are in hot pursuit of a ruined WWII aircraft, however, as is to be expected, things turn a tad awry when the group encounter pirates and a mysteriously ruined ship.

As is often the case with Supermassive Games, it can be difficult to distinguish what is the ‘right’ action to choose in Man of Medan. Whether your goal is to achieve That’s Something, I Suppose by saving everyone, or Not a Sole Survivor by slaughtering everyone, we’ve got you covered in this guide to Man of Medan’s best endings.

As ever, I’ve tried to limit the amount of spoilers as much as possible so that you can enjoy the game while following this guide. However, considering this is a guide to keeping everyone alive or killing them off in Man of Medan, please take caution of spoilers below.

Events to be prepared for in Man of Medan

As you step onto the Duke of Milan, it’s worth preparing for the events that you’ll face throughout Man of Medan.

  • Choices - You’ll often need to make choices regarding what you wish to do next. This could be the choice between taking a weapon or leaving it, and so forth.
  • Dialogue Decisions - Dialogue can influence relationships, and in some cases, events. You’ll want to choose these carefully, or say nothing at all.
  • QTEs - Man of Medan is packed with Quick Time Events. This usually requires pressing a button that appears on the screen within a strict time limit. In some cases, you may have to button mash.
  • Keep Calm - This event requires you to follow a pulse rate shown on screen. You will need to press your button with the beats until it is safe again.
  • Secrets - There are 50 secrets to be discovered in Man of Medan. These can reveal future events and help with decision-making.
Man of Medan's main characters sit on the boat, Duke of Milan, talking; from left to right they are Brad, Julia, Alex, Fliss, and Conrad.
Will you keep them alive, or guarantee them an untimely death?

How to save all characters in Man of Medan - Everyone Lives

This is perhaps the run that most players will aim for. I say most, because I know a few too many people who love to try and trigger the ultimate gore fest in these games.

In Man of Medan, there are five characters you’ll have to focus on keeping alive. These are Fliss, Julia, Alex, and Brad, and Conrad. It’s also worth noting that while not a main character, there is one pirate you can keep alive. We’ll speak more on this later.

It’s also pretty important that whenever faced with a QTE in Man of Medan, you don’t miss it. Missing these can be the difference between life and death, and given the game’s auto-save feature, there’s no going back unless you wish to start over!

Act 1

Prologue: Chinese Market

Your actions in the prologue do not influence the rest of the game whatsoever, and the actions in the scene also cannot be altered. With that being said, choose whichever dialogue options you want here, and don’t be worried about the QTE in this scene either.

Chapter 1: The Duke

First scene: Brad

  • Be resentful, uneasy, empathetic, then sentimental towards Alex.
  • Be relaxed and gloomy towards Conrad.

Chapter 2: Wreck

First scene: Alex

  • Be interested in and supportive of Julia.
  • Pick up Fliss’ ID.
  • Be polite, self-assured, and belligerent towards Fliss.
  • Be sympathetic towards Brad.
  • Interact with the rebreather item.
  • Be playful towards Julia and Conrad.

Chapter 3: Dive

This is a short scene with no choices, dialogue decisions, or QTEs. Sit back and relax… for a minute.

Chapter 4: Uninvited Guests

First scene: Julia

  • Be relaxed and subdued towards Conrad.
  • Be appreciative, relaxed, playful, and then romantic towards Conrad.
  • In Brad’s room, be sympathetic, concerned, and curious towards him.
  • Go to the steering wheel of the boat and interact with the controls beside it.

Next scene: Fliss

  • Say nothing to Conrad, then be worried towards him twice.

Next scene: Julia

  • Prepare for a simple QTE.
  • Interact with the tube.
  • Be concerned towards Alex.
  • Open the door to the cockpit.
  • Be astounded and loving towards Alex.
  • Be cautious and reluctant towards Alex.
  • Be anxious towards the rest of the crew.
Julia is diving underwater in Man of Medan, choosing whether to be flippant or concerned.
Maybe it is kind of dangerous... If only Julia knew.

Chapter 5: Ghost Story

First scene: Julia

  • Be cheerful, sentimental, reassuring, and adoring towards Alex.
  • When you walk in on Conrad and Fliss, say nothing.
  • While free roaming, you can take the document from Alex’s suitcase. If you wait too long, he’ll collect it himself. This makes no difference.
  • Be apologetic towards Fliss.
  • Be supportive towards Brad.
  • Say nothing to Brad, twice in a row.
  • Be appreciative towards Brad.

Chapter 6: Intrusion

First scene: Conrad

  • Prepare for a simple QTE.
  • Ungag Fliss and Alex in any order.
  • Investigate, and prepare for a simple QTE.
  • Be flippant, agitated, and then compliant with Olson.
  • Be uneasy and concerned towards Alex.
  • Be belligerent towards Alex and Julia.
  • Do nothing. Julia will then come and break the window.

Next scene: Conrad

  • A keep calm QTE follows. Fail this one on purpose.
  • A QTE will now follow. Do not miss this!
  • Say nothing.
These QTEs will keep you on your toes.

Chapter 7: Storm

First scene: Fliss

  • Be reassuring and then enraged.
  • A simple QTE follows.
  • Be defiant and then say nothing.
  • Complete two QTE’s, then help the others.
  • Complete one more QTE, and finish off the Act with some optimism.

Act 2

Chapter 1: Abandoned Ship

First scene: Conrad

Here, Conrad just navigates the ship as ordered until they’re locked in a room.

Chapter 2: Trapped

First scene: Conrad

  • Be puzzled and approving towards Alex.
  • Be curious towards the group.
  • Be uneasy towards Alex.
  • Be optimistic and aggrieved towards Alex and the others.
  • Interact with the cabinet in front of the vent to move it.
  • Wander around briefly while Alex works on getting the vent opened, and then interact with him.
  • Be confident towards the group.
  • Choose to distract the fishermen/pirates.
  • Choose to replace the vent rather than hiding.

Chapter 3: An Escape

First scene: Conrad

  • Continue following the others along the corridor.
  • Be reluctant towards Fliss.
  • Warn Fliss. Fliss will then be captured here, and there’s no way to prevent it.

Chapter 4: Caskets

First scene: Alex

  • Follow the others through the corridors until you reach the kitchen.
  • Don’t pick up the kitchen knife.
  • Interact with the cupboard in the middle of the kitchen.
  • Be truthful with Julia, and continue through the rooms until a short cutscene is triggered.
  • Be worried and supportive of Julia.
  • In the next room, interact with each coffin. One coffin will come with a dialogue decision - choose to act shocked.
  • Head into the following medical room, then you can exit.

Chapter 5: Danny

First scene: Fliss

  • Follow the corridors with Danny (the pirate with you).
  • Much of this scene plays out without needing to do anything. After the cutscene in which Danny disappears, collect his flashlight.
  • Go back the way you just came, and head left.
  • Interact with the grated door to the right and complete a simple QTE to open it.
  • Continue on until you push reach an area full of cargo.
  • Do not pick up the knife on a corpse in this room.
  • Leave the area.

Chapter 6: Finding Friends

First scene: Brad

  • After the cutscene, head along the catwalk until you reach a door to go through.
  • Go upstairs and into the corridor, and then into the first room on the right with the corpses.
  • Head through the room of corpses and into the locker room.
  • Interact with the locker on the right twice and collect the Gas Mask.
  • If you go into the bathroom and walk past the toilets, you will need to complete a keep calm QTE.
  • Go into the next room and push the wooden box, so you can climb over the wall.
  • Explore the room and do not pick up the wrench.
  • When you come to a broken ledge, interact with it, and drop down.
A corpse on the ghost ship in Man of Medan can be seen with its mouth open.
The ghostly ruined ship is full of corpses, but they're the least of your problems.

Chapter 7: Ritual

First scene: Fliss

  • Follow the corridor until you reach the hostile ghosts. You will need to complete 2 simple QTE’s but failing this will not impact your run.
  • You will next be in the ballroom. It’s worth noting that once you’re in here, a timer starts. Once the timer is up, the next cutscene is triggered. There are multiple collectibles in the area, but prioritise getting the essentials done first to avoid anything turning awry.
  • Go into the room to the right of the stage at the back of the room and pull the lever.
  • Now, go backstage and past the coffin, then head outside for some fresh air.
  • Once inside again, if you want to grab collectibles, now is the time to do it.
  • The next cutscene will eventually trigger after a bit of wandering, with Brad tumbling down in a coffin.
  • Be approving towards Brad.

Chapter 8: Pressure

First scene: Fliss

  • Follow the path until you reach a room, climb up when prompted to do so.
  • Interact with the shovel on the floor.
  • Interact with the broken ladder and the hatch on the floor.
  • Go and speak to Brad.
  • Say nothing, and Brad will climb down.
  • Walk around, and eventually a cutscene will soon be triggered.
  • When the water begins to rise, choose to search.
  • Smash the hinge twice.

Chapter 9: Plunged

First scene: Julia

  • Swim around the ship until a small cutscene occurs.
  • Be frantic towards Alex.

Chapter 10: Glamor Girl

First scene: Conrad

  • After the cutscene, go into the room at the end of the corridor and interact with the candlestick.
  • Go into the bathroom and interact with the door on the left.
  • Go back into the other room and pick up the candlestick again.
  • While using it on the door, complete a simple QTE.
  • Two more QTEs will follow as the chase scene unfolds.
  • When Conrad is in the room of floating matter, you will need to complete two more QTEs to advance.
  • After closing the door behind you, prepare for three consecutive QTEs while jumping across the platforms.
  • Run, instead of hiding.
  • While climbing the ladder, there are three more QTEs.
  • Confront, do not jump.

Chapter 11: Revenge

First scene: Julia

  • While running, complete three simple QTEs.
  • Jump.
  • Complete two more QTEs while jumping.
  • Choose to keep going.
  • Complete one more QTE when Julia is grabbed.

Act 3

Chapter 1: Open Deck

This chapter sets the scene for Act 3, and features some discussion between the group. You will have to make four dialogue decisions here, but none of these have a wider impact on the rest of the game.

First scene: Julia

Be baffled towards the others.

Next scene: Alex

  • Explore the deck, and interact with the ledge to make your way up to the second level of the deck.
It feels like you don't see all that much of Julia in Man of Medan.

Chapter 2: Distress Signal

First scene: Alex

  • At the top here, go up the stairs.
  • Eventually, at the end of the catwalk, there’s a door to interact with (Julia faces it). Complete a QTE to open it.
  • If you want to grab collectibles, grab them first, and then go back to interact with the radio. If you get too close to the radio (in the second room through the prior door, with a corpse at the desk), a cutscene will trigger, and you won’t be able to go back for any items.
  • Say nothing. This might seem redundant, but if you speak, the military turn up and will either imprison everyone or kill them for knowing of the government secrets surrounding Manchurian Gold.
  • Be encouraging of Brad.

Chapter 3: Depths

First scene: Brad

  • Be hopeful towards Alex.
  • Keep going along the corridor until you reach a ladder. Go down it.
  • Go through the engine room and find the power switch in the right corner. Don’t use the power switch, as we don’t want the radio on and for the military to find the group.
  • Be concerned with Julia.
  • In the next room, interact with the rebreather.
  • Be assertive towards Julia.
  • A cutscene will occur involving the pirates, you’ll need to complete a keep calm QTE during it.
  • When Olson returns, choose to inspect.

Chapter 4: Junior

First scene: Brad

  • Complete the keep calm QTE.
  • Be assertive towards Julia.
  • Complete a second keep calm QTE.
  • Be curious, worried, and desperate towards Junior.
  • Grab the pistol.

Chapter 5: Matters of the Heart

First scene: Alex

  • Complete a keep calm QTE as Olson appears.
  • When jumping over the floor, complete three simple QTEs.
  • Go down the corridor, left, and into the room along here.
  • You’ll find Olson, interact with the rats once.
  • Interact with the rats a second time and prepare for three consecutive QTEs.
  • When Alex sees the enemy in the next room over, there will be another QTE to attack - do not attack and let it time out.
  • A rat will emerge from… I won’t say where. It’s gross. A QTE will appear after - do not attack and let this time out again.

A cutscene will follow once Fliss appears, and that marks the end of Man of Medan. If you successfully managed to keep everyone alive up until this point, well done. It isn’t easy!

The Duke of Milan boat is shown at the end of the dock, with a sunset overhead, in Man of Medan.
We can safely say that this group won't be jumping onto another boat anytime soon.

How to kill off all characters in Man of Medan - Everyone Dies

You’ve achieved That’s Something, I Suppose, so now it’s time to get Not a Sole Survivor. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to accidentally kill everyone off, but if you’re looking to get it done quickly as possible, here are some key moments that are crucial to killing each member of the group (or all of them in one go!).

How to kill Fliss in Man of Medan

  • If Brad picks up the wrench early on in the game, and doesn’t pick up the gas mask, Fliss sees him crazed during Act 2, Chapter 7: Ritual. If you do not miss his attacks, he’ll kill Fliss.
  • During Act 2, Chapter 8: Pressure, send Fliss down through the vent instead of Brad and tell him to smash the lock instead of the hinge. This will result in her drowning.
  • If you attack the creature as Alex during Act 3, Chapter 5: Matters of the Heart, he will instead be stabbing Fliss.

How to kill Conrad in Man of Medan

  • During Act 1, Chapter 6: Intrusion, Conrad is confronted by Olson when trying to escape. If he fails the multiple QTEs here, Olson will shoot and kill him.
  • During Act 2, Chapter 6: An Escape, if Conrad gets the opportunity to escape on the speedboat, he can (and he’ll live). Mess up the QTE that occurs and Olson will shoot him.
  • During Act 2, Chapter 10: Glamor Girl, if Conrad fails the QTEs while jumping over the gaps in the floor, he’ll die.
Conrad lies on the floor injured, with a black eye, in Man of Medan.
Considering how annoying Conrad can be, killing him off should feel easy enough.

How to kill Alex in Man of Medan

  • During Act 2, Chapter 11: Revenge, if Julia attempts to fight the creature, choose to hide, and then fails the following QTEs, both Julia and Brad will wind up dead.
  • If Alex picks up the knife from the kitchen earlier in the game, he can use it during Act 3, Chapter 5: Matters of the Heart. When Alex sees a rat emerge from his stomach, he can stab it, which results in him killing himself. Yikes.

How to kill Brad in Man of Medan

  • During Act 2, Chapter 8: Pressure, send Brad down through the vent instead of Fliss, and choose to try and smash the lock instead of the hinge. This will result in him drowning.
  • If Fliss collects the knife from the cargo hold, let the timer run out in the ballroom before doing anything during Act 2, Chapter 7: Ritual, she’ll see Brad as a demon and stab him.

How to kill Julia in Man of Medan

  • During Act 2, Chapter 11: Revenge, if Julia attempts to fight the creature, hides, and then fails the following QTEs, she will be killed by it.
  • During Act 3, Chapter 4: Junior, if you doubt Junior’s claims that the mist is making things come alive, he will get reckless and accidentally shoot Julia.

How to kill everyone in Man of Medan

  • During Act 3, Chapter 2: Distress Signal, you can use the radio to give your coordinates to the military. Then, during Chapter 3: Depths, turn on the power rather than leaving it off. If you have gathered enough collectibles to have substantial knowledge about the ship and Manchurian Gold, the military will later shoot everyone on sight. Fun.

That’s it for Man of Medan! If you enjoyed your time with the first instalment of The Dark Pictures Anthology, be sure to try Little Hope and House of Ashes too. The fourth title - The Devil in Me - is on its way, too.

However, if you want a more in-depth experience, I recommend taking a look at our review of The Quarry, another title from Supermassive Games that is separate from the Anthology!

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