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Main storyline in The Saboteur will last between 12-18 hours


Pandemic's open-world action title, The Saboteur, has a main story that will take you approximately 12-18 hours to finish.

That's according to lead designer Thomas French.

“It’s honestly tough to say exactly how long it would be for someone to do everything,” French told D'toid. “We’re shooting for the player that just plays straight through the main story to be between 12-18 hours depending on how much the player is sprinting.

“There are a bunch of side missions as well that are easy to get distracted from the main thread going down their path, so add all those things together and you have, well, a lot of game.

"I’m sure we’ll get some speed runs that will min-max the entire game and find a faster way through.”

More through the link.

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