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Madden NFL 13 Ultimate Team trailered

The sun is shining on your northern hemisphere home, which means it's time to go inside and snuggle up with the latest Madden NFL game for at least 40 obsessive hours. Why not sign up for Ultimate Team and ensure you never again see the sky?

Like the FIFA equivalent, Madden NFL 13 Ultimate Team is a kind of free-to-play meta-game which combines your efforts in Madden NFL 13 games with fantasy football and card trading. This time around, you'll be able to import your best acquisitions from last year, too.

EA Sports directs us to the game's official Facebook page for more information and updates, but you could also just watch this trailer. Madden NFL 13 launches in late August for PlayStation 3, Vita, Wii and Xbox 360, with a Wii U launch undated.

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