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Madden NFL 13 update to add offline custom rosters

The next title update for Madden NFL 13 adds in a substantial collection of useful new features in addition to the usual tweaks.

Here's the run down on the most notable new content:

  • Custom Rosters Offline: Added the ability to start an offline career with a custom roster.
  • Connected Careers Edit Player: Added the ability to edit gear and information for players in a league.
  • Coach Mode in Connected Careers: Added the ability to use coach mode in Connected Careers.
  • Changing Schemes in Connected Careers: Added the ability to change offensive and defensive schemes as a coach.
  • Offline Play Along in Connected Careers: Added the ability for multiple people to join a CCM game. This applies to coaches only.
  • Draft Clock: Added a draft clock during the draft that is displayed on screen if you leave the draft interface to view rosters, depth charts, etc.
  • Draft Filter: Added a filter to the draft screen to display players that have been drafted.
  • Connected Careers Practice XP: Added the ability for user controlled players to earn extra XP in practice mode through the stats they accumulate.

In addition to thes emajor changes, the patch will apply a number of fixes and some fine tuning; visit the EA Sports blog for more details.

The patch is expected on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 "around" October 16.

Thanks, Joystiq.

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