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LOTRO - housing revamp, western Rohan, "significant changes" to classes coming in 2013

Future plans for Lord of the Rings Online have been outlined in a new prouder's letter on the official webiste.

Written by the MMO's producer, Kate Paiz said one of Turbine's goals for the game in 2013 is a housing revamp, and more exploration of Rohan, particularly in the western region.

An area in western Rohan called Wildermore is slated for the spring with a large addition planned for the fall.

"I am at this moment standing on the parapet of the Hornburg, looking out over Helm’s Deep as devs populate the landscape with hundreds (soon to be thousands) of Saruman’s Uruk-hai and Orcs," she wrote. "

We will be bringing you the rest of Rohan in two installments – Wildermore, a northern region between the Wold and Fangorn, will be released this spring, after our 6th anniversary, and later in the year, you’ll be able to see Western Rohan, Edoras, and participate in battles of epic proportions. Much more on this to come."

The housing revamp will take place later in the year, she said.

Paiz said Turbine will also be forming a "player's council," which will make discussions between the development team and players easier.

Finally, some "significant changes" are coming to classes.

"We will be making some significant changes to the skills and traits of the Free Peoples classes," Paiz said. "We'll be pruning out skills that just feel disappointing in play and increasing the potency of others. "The end result will be fewer skills, but a more profound impact on moment-to-moment play."

Just leave my Hunter alone, okay? Unless you plan on giving me more DPS, then, okay, please and thanks.

Thanks, Massively.

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