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Lost Odyssey hits India?

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It's all happening in India. Not only is Mumbai gaming expo SKOAR! looking like it may be on the roadshow "map" next year, PS3 Euro chief David Reeves can't stop going on about how great the country is and Square Enix is looking for acquires in the country, but, even better than all of that, Microsoft has released Mistwalker RPG Lost Odyssey for Xbox 360 there. You lucky Indians.

We're not joking, either. While that Game Guru story sounds as though it's built on an official announcement, this would appear to mean that India has the game before America and Europe, the European release date being February 29. Which sounds a bit odd. The report says the game released on January 31, comes with a month's free Live sub and costs 1895 rupees, which equates to about £25. Just don't blame us if this is all a bit "lost" in translation, OK?

We'll call Microsoft on Monday.

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