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Lionhead Studios appoints John Needham as new boss

Lionhead Studios has been angling for a new steward since Peter Molyneux left for the world of cubes and curiosity. John Needham has been selected as his successor as studio head.

Reporting to Microsoft's corporate vice president of interactive entertainment business Phil Harrison - loving these long job titles by the way - Needham will be in charge of Lionhead's day-to-day operations.

Needham was previously CEO of Cryptic Studios and Gazillion Entertainment, and said of his appointment, "This is a historic time in our industry and I’m excited, and honoured, to be joining Lionhead and Microsoft Studios.

"Our vision is focused on building innovative gaming services and AAA experiences at Lionhead, and the rest of Microsoft Studios, which take advantage of Microsoft’s incredible hardware and software platforms. Personally, I can’t wait to get started.”

What could these new triple-a experiences be? If this rumour is to be believed one of them is an Unreal Engine 4-powered Xbox 720 release.

What do you think?

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