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Lies of P is an upcoming Dark Souls-like game starring Pinocchio

Players should expect a dark new twist on the classic story.

Neowiz and Round8 Studio announced a new game based on the classic children’s story character Pinocchio. Lies of P takes place in a twisted version of the Pinocchio world where automatons have overrun the fictional city of Krat. Pinocchio must find Mr. Geppetto to reverse the city’s ill fortunes and overcome the killer puppets to save Krat from the ruin in finds itself in.

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The accompanying trailer showcases the gameplay and atmosphere of Lies of P, which is extremely Dark Souls in nature and substance. The city itself feels like Yharnam from Bloodborne, and Pinocchio himself uses a variety of weapons to take on different flavors of automaton enemy. Pinocchio also uses what looks like magic while exploring the dark streets of Krat and uses a mechanical arm to equip different skills.

More intriguing is the claim that the game will feature “profound narrative choices”, which could be interesting if they extend past what ending you get. And the game is being billed as an RPG, so hopefully we see some wildly diverging builds in how you can build up Pinocchio.

Round8 Studio is full of no shortage of game dev talent, with veterans of Monster Hunter World on the team whose first game was Bless Unleashed. And the trailer, which includes pre-alpha gameplay, already looks incredibly polished. It will be interesting to see what Lies of P adds to the already-crowded genre.

More details and reveals about Lies of P will be revealed at G-STAR in Busan, South Korea November 17.

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