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Level designer for Sonic 3 working on Sonic 4


Looks like the original level designer for Sonic 3 is working on the latest iteration in the series, according to a SEGA community manager's posting on the company's forums.

Earlier this week it was revealed through Microsoft that Sonic 4 would be handled by Dimps instead of Sonic Team. Turns out, it is a bit of both actually.

Here's the forum blurb:

"So, is it just Dimps? Just Sonic Team? The answer is a bit of both. Yes, Dimps is working on the game. But there’s actually more to it than just that: at the same time, we also have members of Sonic Team, including the original senior level designer from Sonic 3 & Knuckles on the SEGA Genesis working alongside them.

"It is most definitely a partnership, and the result of this teamwork is something many of us are excited for."

Good new there for fans, we reckon.

If you want more Sonic 4 news, there's a rumored hands-on impression posted over on Sonic Stadium, which claims  the game plays: "like Advance 2 and Sonic Rush, has a gimped Spin Dash, the Casino Street Zone looks like the Casino Night Zone, and that the Special Stages are like those in Sonic 1."

The preview also states that "instead of controlling Sonic, you control the stage itself".

The folks through the link there are arguing whether or not this hands-on was bogus or not, so take it as only a rumor at the moment instead of gospel.

Episode one of Sonic 4 is expected on PSN, WiiWare, and XBL this summer.

Via Kombo, GoNintendo, D'toid.

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