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Let's Play - Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs part one

Watch VG247's Brenna Hillier "get adrenaline to the extremities" as she screams her way through this modern horror classic.

Why do you like horror games, Brenna?

"I really get adrenaline to the extremities. But it does mean I'm going to scream like a ninny," she says.

Brenna's Australian, so you'd expect someone from the country that brought us Wolf Creek, Undead, Bad Boy Bubby and, err, Razorback, to be able to handle this level of horror. But no, she screams like a possum in a dingo's jaws. And that's the last of my Australian references before they get offensive.

Watch it here. It's good. Come back for more tomorrow. IF YOU DARE, etc.

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