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Check out this LEGO Witcher short film featuring Geralt and Lambert on The Path

Four years ago, a YouTuber published a LEGO Witcher short film featuring Geralt and Lambert. Four years later - almost to the day! - they published part two.

Ondrejkarol is a YouTuber who focuses largely on animating LEGO. After two whole years of inactivity, and four since his LEGO Witcher series' last episode, he decided it was high time to launch LEGO The Witcher: The Wolf's Path - Part II.

Check out the video below, which has a significantly higher production value than the episode released back in 2016.

As you'll immediately notice, the dialogue is all in Polish, but ondrejkarol has provided subtitles in English and Slovak.

"This short story is set right after the events of the previous part where Geralt and Lambert are reunited in the town of Novigrad," reads the video description on YouTube. "Witchers saved the witch from certain death and now they are forced to leave the town. That is, where this story begins..."

Perhaps the best part of the entire video is the fact that Geralt, in true Geralt fashion, says, "wind's howling."

"Never took you for a poet," retorts Lambert.

"Lambert, Lambert, what a prick."


Anyway, the video's got griffins, drowners, the works. It even replicates the trophy animation after defeating a major enemy in The Witcher 3!

If you're curious, you can watch the first episode of LEGO The Witcher: The Wolf's Path here.

There's a whole subset of people who use LEGO to make short films based on video games. This guy actually told us about his process for recreating Assassin's Creed trailers using stop-motion LEGO filming, which is pretty interesting.

In related news, we recently learned something very important about The Witcher 3. As it turns out, if you read the books - particularly Baptism of Fire - you'll learn that fall damage in The Witcher 3 is complete and utter horseshit. Who'd have thought?

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