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League of Legends pro player suspended for allegedly levelling accounts

Yu “XiaoWeiXiao” Xian, a pro League of Legends player, has been suspended after allegations that he was paid to boost another user's account.

lol pro player

Being paid to play on another user's account to boost their ranking is against Riot Games' Terms of Use, and players can be suspended or banned for partaking in this - whether they take money for doing it or not.

According to the dailydot, Xian's team manager Alex Gu may have been involved, as the Paypal email address was linked to a Skype username used by Gu.

The boosted account also duo-queued with a second North American account from the same team. The account name is the same as the one used by Team Impulse jungler Lee "Rush" Yoon-jae when he streams.

Hunter Leigh, esports manager at Riot Games, told the dailydot “We have spoken with XiaoWeiXiao regarding ELO boosting allegations. He has confirmed misconduct and is suspended pending investigation.”

Xian is the only one to have admitted to being in breach of the rules. Alex Gu will update the community with a statement at a later time.

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