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League of Legends not coming to Steam, Nami the Tidecaller now available

League of Legends will not be released on Steam, despite the game showing up recently in the Steam Registry log.

Speaking on Reddit, communications director Vladimir Cole said the entries popped up on Steam due to players having the game listed in their Steam inventories.

“For a brief period of time after League of Legends launched in 2009, players could purchase a digital collectors edition of the game,” he said. “This was distributed through a variety of channels (Steam included) via our European partners. We ended those distribution arrangements in 2010, but a small number of players still have this version of the game in their Steam inventories, so that’s why it occasionally pops up.

"There are no plans to change our current distribution model."

In other LoL news, Nami the Tidecaller is now available. This formidable mermaid uses water-based powers to support her team. Watch her in action below.

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