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League of Legends: "non-essential" EU updates on hold to ensure stability over the holidays

League of Legends developer Riot Games has placed all of the the MOBA's non-essential updates on hold until January, to ensure server stability over the holidays.

Over on the League of Legends forum, EU managing director 'Errigal' explained that Europe has recently suffered some, "serious latency problems on EUW and EUNE," and hopes to avoid a repeat of the problems over the Christmas and new year break.

Errigal continued, "to ensure stability on all global environments, we're going to freeze any non-essential updates until January. This excludes important fixes and stability works if they are needed.

"Longer term, the Amsterdam datacentre build is still on track for the end of March. Servers and other tech hardware are arriving daily and will continue to do so over the holidays. Once all the equipment is on site and prepped, a big team of Rioters will start installation. This is a huge and complicated build and the team will be working hard over the holiday break to ensure we get Amsterdam live as soon as possible for you."

Have you noticed latency issues in Europe? Is this update freeze a positive step? Let us know below.

Via PCGamesN.

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