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League of Legends looks very different in this Arcade Boss World Event trailer

There's a new event happening in League of Legends right now, and it's looking very...videogame-y.

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The Arcade Boss World Event, which is now active, brings some retro charm to League of Legends. This trailer shows off the aesthetic experience they're aiming for, but to get to the actual specifics of the event you'll need to visit the League of Legends website, which goes into detail about the specifics of this two week event, complete with pictures.

You're currently able to play missions, earn tickets from those missions, and then use them to craft event-specific loot. There are daily missions to take on, as well as "five new mission lines".

There are two purchasable mission packs available as well. As per the site: "the Dungeon Pass and Mini-Dungeon Pass unlocks access to daily missions and three other mission lines: Game Start: Brand, Game Start: Ziggs, and Game Start: Malzahar."

The event runs until August 24, 23:59 PT. If you manage to beat all levels before the event ends, you'll also unlock a bonus level along with a "secret icon award", which should be good incentive if you were planning on playing a lot of League of Legends over the next two weeks anyway.

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