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League of Legends brings back vintage Limited Edition skins

Pretend you've been around League of Legends for a lot longer than your weak ladder standing suggests by snapping up some vintage Limited Edition skins.

Between December 2009 and October 2011, Riot Games release 34 limited edition skins for League of Legends characters, expecting never to bring them back on sale. But in the interim, the MOBA's fanbase has grown so much that the variant skins are almost never seen in-game; the most common, Bewitching Nidalee, turns up in just one out of every 971 games on the North American servers, while the least common, Ice Toboggan Corki, is seen just appears once every 116,586 games.

Players frequently request some opportunity to buy, trade or gift the skins, and Riot toyed with various solutions before deciding to bring the skins back to the store for another limited time period. To compensate current owners for the loss of exclusivity, they'll receive Riot Points equal to the value of the skin's original purchase price, a special vintage treatment when they load the skin, and an exclusive summoner icon.

Here's a breakdown of when the skins will appear:

  • Harrowing 2010 & 2011 skins during October 2013
  • Snowdown Showdown 2009 & 2010 skins during December 2013
  • Winter Games 2010 skins during February 2014
  • World Cup 2010 skins during June 2014

You can read a full list of what's in each category on the League of Legends site. In the future, these will be considered Legacy skins and may be offered during future events, but with no additional bonuses for original purchasers.

Thanks, Joystiq.

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