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League of Legends is bringing back limited-time game modes

Riot Games is bringing limited-time game modes back to League of Legends.

The MOBA behemoth formally announced its plans to bring game modes back in an official Ask Riot blog post this month. Both new and old modes will be introduced to the game, writes League of Legends game design lead Xenogenic, although there's no word yet on what exactly is slated to appear.

"We’ve heard this feedback and wholeheartedly agree—events have become more stale this year," Xenogenic wrote in response to one user complaining about the lack of new content in League. "We want each event to feel like a unique experience that all players can be excited for, which is why our goal moving forward is to make participating in events more rewarding, more novel, and more memorable for everyone."

Riot had previously told fans it would create fewer limited-time modes going forward, reasoning that interest in the modes would often drop off soon after their release. The developer would instead put its efforts into more long-term projects like the autobattler Teamfight Tactics.

Xenogenic promises a few other changes to the game as well, including improvements to how missions will interact with in-game events. This will work similar to Trials, which gave players a progress bar that would fill as they did missions and gave you house-specific rewards in return. League of Legends will also receive a greater variety of missions beyond simply making users farm minions or earn gold. Some of these changes will go live "soon," they add.


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