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Kojima will be working on a new Action Espionage game after Death Stranding 2

Announced at the State of Play, Kojima will be going back to his roots soon.

Kojima state of play 2024
Image credit: VG247

Kojima and Sony has announced that the legendary video game creator will be working on a new Action Espionage game once Death Stranding 2 is released. This would mark the first venture by the figure since his departure from Konami and the Metal Gear series, as well as the founding of Kojima Productions.

Details shared a scarce, except that it'll be a collaboration with Sony and that it will be "a game and a movie at the same time" according to Kojima. He elaborates that be this, he means it'll be like a movie "in terms of look, story, theme, cast, acting, fashion, and sound".

"Sony does not only games, but music and movies. It will definitely be a strong collaboration" stated Kojima at the State of Play. "Two years from now, I will celebrate the 40th anniversary of my game production career. I am confident this title will be the culmination of my work."

There's no word on a release date, or any glimpse of when we can expect further news of this project as of yet. With Kojima Productions working on Death Stranding 2, as well as OD, it seems we'll have a while to wait before Metal Gear fans can experience a new taste of Kojima-style stealth action.

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