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Killzone 3 beta live in US and Europe - screens and video

Sony's Killzone 3's open multiplayer beta is now live in both the US and Europe, following a small delay for the American version.

The taster comes in at 802Mb. It's up on the PS Store now under "Latest", and will be available until February 15.

It includes a single map, the MP05 Frozen Dam multiplayer level. All game types in the final game are included, so you'll get the classic Team Deathmatch mode Guerrilla Warfare for 16 players; the mini-mission-based Warzone for 24 players; the single-player-like Operations for 16 players; and Botzone, an offline mode you a single player and up to 15 bots.

The beta is completely open. Anyone with a PSN account can download the client. The beta also supports 3D and the Move motion controller.

Also, from Friday, February 4through Sunday, February 6, Sony will be handing out 20 Limited Helghast Editions of the game each day. US PS Blog team members will log on to beta each of the three days to randomly select players in matches. Winners will be notified via the email address associated with their PSN account.

Killzone 3 launches in the US on February 22 and in the UK on February 25 for PS3. See our recent chat with Guerrilla's Steven ter Heide here.

Reviews are now live.

Have a look at shots and videos from the EU tester below.

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