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Killing Floor 3 delivers a first look at gameplay, but now we have to wait until 2025 to play it

Tripewire Interactive has finally stopped with the enemy teasers and dropped the first Killing Floor 3 gameplay trailer.

Image credit: Tripwire Interactive

Nearly one year on from the first time we learned about the existence of Killing Floor 3, we finally have a proper look at gameplay. The debut gameplay trailer was shown off during the PC Gaming Show.

As excited as we are to see the co-op shooter in action, the trailer also delivered the news many feared: we won’t be playing it this year. Killing Floor 3 is now targeting release in early 2025.

Setting aside the fact the game is still far off, the trailer does actually have a wealth of new details to get excited about, monsters to be terrified by, and the return of a familiar face. Killing Floor 3’s near-future setting (2091) affects a few things, including the arsenal of weapons we’ll be making use off.

The trailer confirms the return of Mr. Foster, and shows off three new characters. Interestingly, each specialist now has their own skills, which could be an evolution of classes from Killing Floor 2. We get to see some of their gadgets in action, too, such as a drone.

Tripwire also confirmed that weapons will be customisable in Killing Floor 3, which is nice to see. Combat remains as brutal as ever, with gore and hefty animations on display everywhere. New in the sequel are the updated traversal mechanics, which now include dashing and climbing. We even see a character hanging from a zipline.

Many of the Zeds should be familiar to Killing Floor fans, though their designers have been updated. The developer said that AI and enemy behaviour in particular were given special attention. New this time, too, is The Impaler, whose design I’ll leave you to discover yourself in the trailer.

Killing Floor 3 never had a solid release date, but today’s trailer confirmed it’s shooting for an early 2025 launch on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. The original Killing Floor recently celebrated its 15th anniversary, and remains one of the best zombie shooters today.

Seeing as Killing Floor 3 was announced at gamescom, we’re hopeful this year’s iteration in August will bring us more details and/or footage.

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