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Killer is Dead DLC includes vampires and unicorns

I have completely given up trying to understand Killer is Dead. You win this time, Suda.

According to a 4Gamer report translated by Siliconera, the Beauty & the Beast & The Lingerie DLC - which comes as a bonus with the Premium Edition - has our hero Mondo responding to a request from a redheaded beauty named Betty.

Having turned up at the Bryan Execution Agency covered in blood and bandages, betty dispatches the assassin to a castle in Europe, there to face the man who caused her injuries - which are so severe that the team doesn't understand how she can still be moving around independently.

On his way to the castle, Mondo is approached by a talking unicorn - oh god Suda, what, please put this in my life immediately - who claims to be an old friend, although Mondo doesn't remember him at all. Should have hooked up on Facebook, yo. Later on in the adventure, he will fight vampires.

Killer is Dead also includes a tiger boss that comes out of a yakuza member's tattoo and is about the theft of the entire Earth. Look, maybe just check out the first, second and third screen dumps and discover these delights for yourself.

The latest from Grasshopper Manufacture, Killer is Dead drops in August on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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