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Jaffe sees God of War III, pops cork

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Following reports of a CGI-quality God of War III being shown in London last week, David Jaffe's posted that the game looks "like a painting come to life" after seeing it in Santa Monica.

From here:

ps. I saw GOD OF WAR III when I was in Santa Monica last week. I can and will not give away details. But I think it's ok for me to say two things:

b- I thought GEARS OF WARS 2 looked about as good as a next-gen game could look....and that game is currently- and will probably remain- my game of the year. And hell, I think I actually get to vote on that kind of stuff in some circles :) And unless I get blown away by POP or something else I missed, GEARS 2 is the S**T....this year. Dudes and dudettes, f**king WAIT till you see the amazing graphics...just f**king wait. And yes, Xbots, accuse me all you want of being a Sony fanboy. Just remember two things:

#1- I just said GEARS 2 is the BEST f**king playing and looking game of the year....better than any PS3 game. And there are some damn good PS3 games, I feel.

#2- F**K YOU! I ain't no fan boy but this mother f**king game looks like nothing you've ever played...and you can hold me to that when this thing hits and when they start showing gameplay footage. It looks like a painting come to life- it's THAT good looking.

Probably worth being excited about, then. There's no date on it, obviously.

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