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Jack Thompson on Medal of Honor: gamers can "go to Hell"

jack thompson

Jack Thompson is back. He's protected "our culture." Don't believe him? "Go to Hell."

The disbarred lawyer told Ripten in a statement that he had "won" following EA's decision to rename the Taliban in Medal of Honor's multiplayer to "Opposing Forces."

"I win again, as usual," said Thompson. "Any gamers who don’t think so and who don’t appreciate what I do to protect our culture can go to Hell."

He continued:

"Any gamers that don’t know how to get to Hell on an expedited basis, let me know, and I’ll send along the cheat code to get there more quickly."

Last time we checked, cheat codes were so 2004.

Becoming infamous for trying to ban Grand Theft Auto titles and calling violent games "murder simulators," Thompson's currently attempting to ban Medal of Honor from going on sale.

He's even gone as far as asking US defense secretary Robert Gates for help, whilst also bashing US forces who had helped out in making the game (thanks, PC MAG).

"With all respect for everything else on your plate, but as someone who has represented the surviving family members of such video game-caused massacres, I personally urge you, as Secretary of Defense, to do what is necessary, proper, and legal to stop the release of Medal of Honor on October 12 on the basis that it poses a demonstrable danger to our troops by providing a training tool for those who wish to kill them," he said.

"I would also strongly suggest that the Defense Department find out who these Special Ops people are who have acted so foolishly in this regard."

Despite the Taliban name change, military stores still won't stock the game, it was announced overnight.

Medal of Honor releases on Tuesday in the US for PS3, 360 and PC, with a UK release on Friday.

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