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Injustice: Gods Among Us brings DC action to iOS

Injustice: Gods Among Us is coming to iOS, and during GDC 2013, VG247's Stephany Nunneley sat in on a demo session and bashed Solomon Grundy to bits with the iPad version.

I have not played a fighting game since Mortal Kombat 4 on my N64, and even then, I would just continue to use Kitana’s leg sweep until I got to Goro and then I was doomed. Once in a while I would mix things up and use Raiden, but I couldn't advance beyond the final two characters.

Admittedly, the main problem for me was not being able to remember all the button presses to pull off certain moves. Needless to say, I never accomplished a fatality move.

Luckily, for people like me, remembering combinations on iPad won’t be a concern. All you have to do is tap your opponent when you want to perform your standard punch attack, and when you want something stronger, swipe your finger across the screen.

It’s extremely simple, really, and all the characters have preset combos so there’s no need to memorize anything. Your opponent beating you up too much? Hold two fingers on the screen to block. Ready to pull off a super attack specific to your superhero? Tap the meter on the bottom of your screen - and as you level, your character will learn more super attacks.

Say you are fighting the Joker and The Flash just isn’t cutting it. What do you do? Well, you went into the fight with three characters – because it’s a 3v3 match - so if you find your enemy isn’t going down as fast as you like, swap him out mid-fight for Wonder Woman, Batman, or whomever else you brought into the match with you.

Another fun thing about Injustice on iOS is that it has a collectible card mechanic, which contains items which can enhance your character.

These are earned through the game, and include hidden characters, skills, skins and virtual money which can be spent in-game and through the console version of the game. If you don’t have the patience to earn these, you can always go the microtransaction route and pay real money, but everything in the game can be earned so there is no reason to dish out any cash if you don’t want to.

The iOS version of the game will also be a free download, and will tie into the console version, should you have it, when you sign up for a WBID. This gives you the opportunity to unlock cross-platform items and such as booster packs, exclusive skins, and perks.

It’s really fun, and if you have an iPad or iPhone you should give it a try, because not only is it free, it looks really great thanks to a modified Unreal Engine 3.

Injustice: Gods Among Us releases on April 16 for PS3, Wii U and Xbox 360.

The iOS version is available on the App Store now.

Shots of the iPad and iPhone versions are below.

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