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Infinite Crisis gets a new map titled Coast City

Turbine has announced a new map for Infinite Crisis, currently in its closed beta phase.

The new map, entitled “Coast City,” features two lanes and defensive turrets, along with several new elements. The map features a top lane and a bottom lane with defensive turrets spaced along them, and a significant area in the middle of the map called “The Wastes.”

The Wastes contain creatures and objectives beneficial to teams, as well as The Doomsday Device which is located in the center of the map. It is protected by a neutral turret and re-spawns every five minutes where it will need to be recaptured by either team.

Coast City also contains “Power Relays,” which are control points that enable a team to push into lanes and obtain a patrolling vision of The Wastes. The relays stay locked to the capturing team for 90 seconds, and then stay controlled, until they are captured away.

Coast City can be seen in action below.

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