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This indie horror Steam game boldly challenges you to refund it, if you can beat it in two hours

Refund Me If You Can wants you to... well, it does what it says on the tin.

Steam's refund system lets you refund a game if you've played less than two hours, and Refund Me If You Can challenges you to do just that.

While there is a nuanced conversation to be had about Steam's refund system, at the very least two hours is a good amount of time to get a feel for most games. Most developers would generally prefer their game to not be refunded if they can help it, but Refund Me If You Can from Sungame Studio actively encourages you to… if you can beat it in time.

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Refund Me If You Can's premise is simple: "One maze, one monster tracking you down, will you have the courage and dexterity to escape this nightmare in less than two hours?" You play as someone called Sarah, and only you (the player) can wake her up from a nightmare she's having.

To do that, you have to escape a dark maze that's plagued by a single, terrifying monster. You know, the usual indie horror biz. The game has over 100 different paths, but only one will bring you to "salvation." Some paths seem like they can be destroyed, and there's various obstacles you'll have to get past.

Thankfully you're armed with flares to help you keep track of where you've been, so at least you aren't just wandering aimlessly forever.

Now obviously, this one is kind of a scouts honour type deal, as the game does ask you to agree to only refund it if you've actually beaten it within two hours, "unless you are a coward." The thing that will encourage you to actually try and beat it within the time frame, and come away with those bragging rights, as an achievement that you can only get if you do beat it within two hours, that gets locked away forever if you go over the time limit.

It's a neat little gimmick, and it only costs £3.42, so you're really not losing out on much by giving it a go. Though maybe consider not refunding it even if you do beat it in the time limit, just because it's always nice to support developers.

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