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Indie and other games of interest: Hey look, it's all in one post


During the course of the week, loads of indie games, less mainstream titles and those point-and-click adventures you are always hearing about, sometimes get lost in the shuffle -what with news on Uncharted 2 and Modern Warfare 2 happening every three minutes or so.

That's why, much like the MMO news round-up, we've decided to remedy this by giving you a heads up on news, demos, patches, announcements, trailers, screens and other doodads pertaining to these games that you missed out on during the week.

Yes, it's all here for you in one post! See how much we love you guys? Another wall of text for the win!

While not comprehensive, since there are loads of this sort out there, we will do our best to be as thorough as possible.

Read on past the break for the first of, hopefully, many "Indie and other games of interest" post.

  • Hello Games, a new indie start-up formed by ex-Criterion, Kuju, EA, Sumo and Climax developers, announced its first title, Joe Danger for a spring 2010 release on XBLA. “Joe Danger aims to recreate the childish joy of the first time you took a toy motorbike, doused it in lighter fluid, lit it, and launched it at high speed over your carefully constructed ramp out a second story window” said Sean Murray, the team’s lead developer. “You are Joe Danger, the world’s most determined motorbike stuntman. You live to thrill the crowd and break World Records. A call back to retro classics like Excitebike, this 3D side-scrolling stunt-em-up is a burst of sugar-rush fun for today’s jaded gamers.” Thanks, TeamXbox.
  • Asgard Heroes, an upcoming browser-based space strategy game from Evolution Vault, was announced this week. While there is no release date as of yet, here is a taste of what it contains: "Far away in the galaxy, an alien species prepares intensively for a full-scale galactic war with unknown enemies. As a future Fleet Commander, your skills and limits are put to the test, by being willingly stranded on an abandoned colony. You have to rebuild the existing structures, research new technologies and challenge your other brothers, who apparently have the same task as you do- to prove themselves worthy." Blue has more on this.
  • Looks like XBL indie title, Clover, now has a publisher and is headed to PC. Blitz plans to release a thicker version of the game called Clover: A Curious Tale complete with new puzzles, multiple endings, sub-quests, and epilogue with more polished animation, graphics, user interface and effects. The music and controls received a complete overhaul, and regional languages for Europe has also been added. Good to hear. Via Eurogamer.
  • Venetica, a dungeon-crawler expected for Xbox 360 sometime in the near future from Deck 13, is your classic-style RPG, which creative director Jan Klose feels are making a comeback of sorts in the market. "I'm sure that consoles are going to see a lots of RPGs like Venetica in the near future because demand is there. In fact, Venetica is perfect entertainment for consoles, being easily accessible with stunning visuals and a very intuitive controller layout. We were very happy about the opportunity to design a game for both PC and Xbox 360. GUI and controls were developed very individually, and I am sure that they are going to satisfy both parties!" Currently only available in Germany on PC, dtp entertainment plans to see how well it does on 360 and PC outside of the country before deciding on a PS3 port. More through D'toid.
  • Finwick is an action platformer created by SmallGreenHill, where you play as a boy tasked with delivering a package to Prattle Barker, an ecologist who lives in Fargrown Forest. During your errand, you will come across traps, contraptions, pitfalls, obstacles, and monsters trying to impede your progress. There is a small bit of puzzle to it as well, with a friend joining you on your journey as it progresses - this is where it gets a bit harder as you have to now get two character through obstacles instead of just one. Should you decide to give it a try, it will run you $6, but you can play the first twenty-five levels for free. Via IndieGames.
  • The iPhone remake of The Oregon Trail is coming to DSiWare. In it, "bears may attack, snakes can bite, robbers will loot, and diseases do come ("You have died of . . ."), but the hardened traveler is expected to overcome these unfavorable events to reach the promised Pacific Northwest," explains the ESRB which outed the news. "If disease or injury is left untreated, family members will fall to the ground and die, leaving headstone icons in their wake." It honestly sounds a bit fun. Thanks, D'toid.
  • Until October 5, Direct2Drive is having a massive indie game sale, and has the following games up for cheap: Mount and Blade, World of Goo, Defense Grid: The Awakening, Sword of the Stars, Cogs, Light of Altair, The Path, Bridge Construction Set, Gish, and Zatikon. Head on over here now before the sale is finite.
  • New details surfaced this week for Bonk: Brink of Extinction. Apparently, in Bonk's newest adventure for WiiWare, XBL and PSN, you will have 30 stages across three worlds to take the little monkey guy through, and DLC is planned allowing for a second adventure mode and two multiplayer modes. The multiplayer will feature "drop-in, drop-out" for cooperative in both local play and online play. There's a bit more on this over on Kombo. It's out in the spring.
  • Audiosurf, the music-adapting puzzle racer that uses your own music, is on sale via Steam for 50 percent off. The version posted includes the Orange Box soundtrack, and can be yours for $4.99 instead of the usual $9.99. Get it while it's hot.
  • Tale Worlds has re-opened its Beta application process for Warband, the upcoming multiplayer extension to its popular indie title Mount and Blade. Should you want to try and get an invite, head on over here and fill out the application. Yahoo email addresses are not being accepted for some reason, so hopefully if you want in, you have an alternate address.

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