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Inafune resignation due to him wanting to become an "independent creator," says Capcom


Capcom's said that the need to become an "independent creator" was the reason why Keiji Inafune left the publisher after 23 years last week.

The company gave the reason for Inafune's resignation in the company's latest Q&A session following a recent investor's meeting.

"We have been thinking about radical reforms in our R&D operations in response to the rapid changes taking place in our markets," reads the report.

"As we were under preparation for executing these structural reforms, Mr. Inafune stated that he wants to continue working as an independent creator. Capcom accepted this request, which led to the announcement of his resignation."

Capcom also discussed the future of the R&D group in the publisher, the group that Inafune led before he left

"Our goal is to build an organization able to develop software that matches market needs even more closely. Consequently, as I announced earlier today, we will hold meetings to reach decisions concerning the direction of our development activities and other important items.

"These meetings will bring together people from our R&D, business operations, quality control and other key units of our organization so that we can use opinions from many viewpoints."

Inafune left Capcom last Friday, but not before leaving with one last parting shot in an interview with 4Gamer, saying the Japanese games development industry was like a "communist state."

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