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In Payday 2's John Wick heists, the Baba Yaga himself is back in action

John Wick, who is not so much the boogeyman as he is the man who send to kill the boogeyman, is getting his own Payday 2 heists.

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John Wick has been a playable character in the game for a while now, but these new heists - released right before the US release of John Wick 2 into cinemas - are lifted straight from the fiction of the John Wick cinematic universe.

It looks like Charon (Lance Reddick, the concierge from the first film) features into these heists as well - he's tasked with delivering a secret package for the Continental Hotel, but he gets attacked along the way. It'll be up to you and your co-op buddies, it seems, to save him.

Unfortunately, neither of these heists seem to focus on tracking down Theon from Game of Thrones after he kills your dog and steals your car, but perhaps the John Wick VR experience that Starbreeze is working on will change this.

Although PayDay 2 is available on consoles, it looks like this content will be PC exclusive. It's due to release tomorrow, February 9.

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