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In-game footage of Duke Nukem Forever, here, now

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Update: It's true. We just watched it. It's a nice looking shooter with a shrink ray. And a worm with teeth. It's embedded after the link.

Or is was posted. Apparently this Jace Hall movie contained the first ever in-game footage of Duke Nukem Forever, but has not either been pulled or is having bandwidth issues.

According to the site: "Jace Hall lands an exclusive interview with George Broussard and Scott Miller of 3D Realms. He even gets to play Duke Nukem Forever, the game that’s been in development for over 12 years – and Jace has the footage to prove it!"

Plenty of the posters in this Evil Avatar thread saw it before it went t*ts up, so we're keeping the faith that it did actually happen.

Hopefully someone's nicked it and we can have a look this evening.

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