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Ikora, Zavala and even Ghaul star in new Destiny 2 character intros

Destiny 2 is going big on story. Get to know your guides.

The Destiny 2 character introduction video series continued over the weekend with three more episodes. Following on from the Cayde-6 and Hawthorne spots, we're now being introduced to the two remaining members of the Vanguard as well as the big bad villain.

First up is Ikora Rey, the badass Warlock Vanguard. Leader of the Hidden, Ikora is a thoughtful, reserved leader with a dry but warm sense of humour, and like all Warlocks, her connection to the Traveler and the Light runs deep and true. For all her measured words and scholarly achievements, though, she is also notorious for absolutely rocking the Crucible earlier in her career. Cayde-6 is a little bit in awe of her, you can tell. You'll find her on Io, a moon of Jupiter, in Destiny 2.

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Commander Zavala is the leader of the Vanguard as well as their Titan representative. An authoritative Awoken, he's the one who commands Guardians and directs their activities in defence of humanity - so he's the one most devastated by the loss the Tower, the Last City and seemingly his life's work. Early in Destiny 2's story, he retreats to Titan, a moon of Saturn, in an attempt to reorganise and resist the Red Legion. Hopefully his favourite Guardian can help him out?

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Newcomer Ghaul is not a Guardian, nor any of the Guardian races. He's a Cabal, leader of the diehard Red Legion, and intent on securing the Traveller's Light for himself in place of unworthy Earthlings. He's not a very nice bloke, from our perspective, and if you played the Destiny 2 beta you may already hold him in some dislike. We'll almost certainly give him a paddling towards the end of Destiny 2, though, so that'll be nice.

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Destiny 2 releases next week for PS4 and Console, and goes into beta on PC today ahead of October launch.

We absolutely cannot wait to get back to shooting space faces in Destiny 2. Pew pew pew!

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