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Destiny 2 character intros continue with Hawthorne, a sharpshooting survivor from outside the walls of the Last City

Destiny 2 reminds us that there's more to life than being a Guardian.

Destiny 2 introduces a new major character called Hawthorne, who represents people who live outside the Last City. This is a perspective that was entirely missing from D1, and especially relevant at the beginning of the sequel, when humanity finds itself kicked out of the Tower and the Last City - and stripped of the Light of the Traveler.

As you'll see in the video below, Hawthorne's a bit of a tough nut, and doesn't have much respect for Guardians and the Vanguard. Who can blame her? She and her people have been living in constant danger on Fallen-occupied Earth with no Guardians or Light-granted powers to protect them. She probably has a lot to teach us about surviving in Destiny 2. Also, she has a cool bird named Lewis.

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This is the second Destiny 2 character intro video after yesterday's spotlight on Cayde-6, who also makes an appearance in this one. Cayde-6 is a returning character and fan-favourite, but Hawthorne's an all-new face - and just one of many, it looks like. We mentioned Devrim Kay in our Destiny 2 European Dead Zone hands-on preview; like Hawthorne, he lives out the city walls, and works closely with her to protect the outsiders.

These trailers, which we expect to continue at least through Ikora and Zavala if not other characters, are part of Bungie's push to make story really central to Destiny 2; it's also why we've seen so much of antagonist Ghaul. Villains and characters you remember - a good start.

Destiny 2 releases in early September for PS4 and Xbox One, and comes to PC in October.

A PC beta kicks off next week, so check in if you want a taster.

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