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"I won't stop trying to make new Alice games", McGee talks series' status with EA

Alice: Madness Returns creator American McGee has chosen to Kickstarter his team's Wizard of Oz project OZombie over a third game in the Alice series. The developer has shed light on the series' current status at EA in a new blog update.

Writing on the OZombie Kickstarter feed, McGee explained, "I won't stop trying to make new Alice games. As you can see from all the early pre-production work we were doing on Otherlands, we're still happy to devote resources and time to developing new ideas around Alice's story. That will continue long into the future.

"We're still having meaningful and productive conversations with EA regarding Alice. Truth is, it's an important bit of IP for them and for us (and for you) which means that negotiating a deal is going to take time. This is normal."

McGee went on to explain that striking a deal for Alice: Madness Returns took over 12 months, and stressed that support for OZombie will show EA that there is still an appetite for Spicy Horse's projects. He concluded, "So, if not for the sake of OZombie today, then think about supporting Spicy Horse in general for the sake of a new Alice game sometime in the future."

OZombie is a dark spin on the Wizard of Oz story and you can read my recent interview with McGee on the setting, plot and mechanics here.

Would you like to see a third Alice game made? Let us know below.

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